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The website was originally assembled from the research carried out by Roger Hebblethwaite. Roger's vision and dedication to the furtherance of knowledge of GC Recipients will be greatly missed but his contribution to this Archive is his legacy to the World. He is sorely missed. Marion now, with Terry's deep knowledge of the subject, maintains and updates the website.

We would like to mention in particular Derek Hollowday who has provided us with a recording of King George VI's message announcing the institution of the George Cross.

Peter Sharpe greatly assisted with important additional material for which we thank you. All contributors - too many to mention here - are highly valued and we thank you endlessly for your input.

The authors have, over the years, gathered information on the George Cross and its recipients from many diverse sources. They would like, therefore, formally to acknowledge unnamed or forgotten sources while mentioning specifically the contribution made to this site by the following standard reference works on the subject:

The Register of the George Cross, This England, 2nd Edition (1990)

The George Cross, Ian Bisset, MacGibbon & Kee (1961)

The Story of the George Cross, Sir John Smyth, Arthur Baker Ltd. (1968)

'Gainst All Disaster, Allan Stanistreet, Picton Publishing Ltd. (1986)

Obituaries from many publications, in particular, The Daily Telegraph and The Times newspapers have been of major importance.

The many illustrations used have similarly been copied from books, journals, magazines or indeed other websites, as well as being provided by colleagues in the field and by friendly researchers and archivists. We would like thank Dennis Pillinger for allowing access to the George Cross biographical files owned by the Military Historical Society.

Surgeon Commander John Blatherwick, together with his co-author Hugh Halliday, deserves special note for all the contributions to the Canadians' pages.

The late David Harvey gave wise council.

Finally, the GC Database website is non-commercial and designed purely for the interest of fellow researchers in the field as well as for other interested parties.

Where not specifically mentioned the authors acknowledge the copyright of all copyright holders both for text and images.

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